Turf Varieties


Non-Seeding, Male Sterile Kikuyu Grass

High performance turf ideal for home lawns and high impact public areas like:

  • Horse racing
  • Golf courses
  • Sporting fields
  • Parks and public facilities.

Bright green, dense cushioning lawn with uniform appearance.

No seeds, no pollen, no allergies.

Quick to establish, with superior wear and tear recovery.

Drought tolerant.

Tolerates colder climates and light frosts.

Best suited to southern Australia and higher altitude northern areas.

High Performance All-Rounder


Shade Tolerant, Zoysia Turf

Eye-catching vibrant green colour.

Very dense turf with a medium to fine leaf texture.

Thrives in full sun or up to 80% tree shade.

Suited to:

  • Family home lawns
  • Parks and urban open space
  • Golf course fairways, tees and greens surrounds.

An environmentally friendly turf grass:

  • Highly salt and drought tolerant
  • Low maintenance
  • Needs little fertiliser
  • Pest and disease resistant.

Adapted to Australian conditions from warm temperature climates (Sydney) to the northern tropics (north Queensland, NT Top End).

Made For The Shade


Five Star Zoysia Turf

Eye-catching blue couch look-a-like with dense blue-green foliage.

Slower growing and requires less mowing and maintenance.

Environmentally friendly turf grass:

  • Medium to highly salt and drought tolerance
  • Needs little fertiliser
  • Lower maintenance (less mowing)
  • Pest and disease resistant.

Best suited to the sub-tropics and tropics, from about Sydney north.

Ideal uses include home lawns, high impact public areas, parklands near waterways, and golf fairways and tees.

5 Star Turf


Slow Growing, Low Maintenance Zoysia Turf

Deep, bright green in colour.

Dense turf with soft fine textured leaves.

Adapted to Australian conditions:

  • Very good shade tolerance
  • High salt tolerance
  • Good drought tolerance
  • Pest and disease resistant.

Low mowing and fertiliser requirements.

Suits golf greens, prestige home lawns (sun and shade), small courtyards and roof-top gardens.

Reliable performer that grows well in warm temperate (Sydney) to tropical climates (north Queensland, NT Top End).

Less Mowing And A Great Showing


Three new varieties developed by experienced turf scientist Dr Donald Loch.

Two NATIVE Zoysia macrantha varieties:

  • Certifiable 100% native Australian Zoysias
  • Highly tolerant to Australia’s variable conditions
  • Will thrive from the south in Victoria and South Australia, to north Queensland and NT.

A dwarf emerald green Buffalo grass:

  • An all-rounder with a range of strengths for Australian conditions
  • Semi dwarf / lower growing and less thatch than other Buffalo varieties.

A new variety of hybrid green couch developed by David Nickson.

  • Improved ‘Santa Ana’ type with bright green leaves and fewer seed heads
  • Cold tolerant
  • Best suited to southern Australia in Victoria and South Australia.